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Extension, Outreach, and Research Presentations

Southeastern Fruit and Vegetable Conference: NARBA Session

January 2022

Hannah was invited to present her research on SWD management in blackberries at the annual SE F&V conference in Savannah, GA.

Beekeeper Engagement and Education System's Academy

October 2021

Hannah presented for the fourth time at NCSU's BEES Academy on native bee diversity and identification.

NCPCA Pollinator Field Day

June 2021

The North Carolina Pollinator Conservation Alliance held their 4th overall, and 2nd virtual, pollinator field day. Hannah co-presented with Elsa Youngsteadt on bee identification, including a real-time demonstration with pinned specimens.

North Raleigh Rotary Club

May 2021

Hannah was invited to present a brief overview of her research at the North Raleigh Rotary Club's monthly meeting.

NC Vegetation Management Association’s Annual Meeting

December 2020

Hannah was invited to present on native bee diversity and population status at the NCVMA's annual meeting.

NC Pollinator Conservation Alliance’s Annual Meeting

December 2020

Hannah was invited to present her research at the annual NCPCA member meeting.

ESA Symposium Co-Organizer

November 2020

Hannah co-organized and presented in a new symposium focused on pollinators in soybeans at the annual Entomological Society of America's conference.

NCSU Extension Agent Training Video

July 2020

Hannah contributed a 20 minute segment focused on native bee diversity, biology, and identification that will be a part of a 1.5 hour webinar training for NC Extension Agents.

NCPCA Pollinator Field Day

June 2020

The North Carolina Pollinator Conservation Alliance hosted their first virtual field day due to COVID. Hannah presented a 20 minute segment on field collections within the overall 2 hour event.

Beekeeper Engagement and Education System's Academy

March 2020

Hannah has presented for the past 2 years at NCSU's BEES Academy on native bee diversity and identification.

Montgomery Community College Pollinator Conference

February 2020

Hannah was an invited keynote speaker where she presented on basic bee biology, bee diversity, her current research, and how to support native bee populations.

Southern Appalachian Honey bee Research Consortium

February 2020

Hannah has attended SAHRC every year since 2016. She has presented various aspects of her research every year since 2017.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Annual Superintendent Meeting

December 2019

Hannah has presented her research at the Superintendent's meeting in the winter of 2016, 2017, and 2019. Since her research is so closely tied to working with the NCDA research stations across the state, this is a great opportunity to update all interested parties within the NCDA.

Entomological Society of America's Annual National Meeting

November 2019

Hannah has attended the national ESA conference for the past 2 years presenting on various aspects of her research.

Center for Environmental Farming Systems' Board Meeting

September 2019

Hannah was able to attend and present her research to the CEFS board. This is part of her CEFS Fellowship program.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Science's Bugfest

September 2019

Hannah has participated in Bugfest every year since 2015. Bugfest is one of the largest free STEM events in the country with over 35,000 attendees each year.

North Carolina Pollinator Conservation Alliance's Pollinator Field Day

August 2019

Hannah is a founding member of the NCPCA and has participated in each field day the group has hosted for the past two years. Hannah teaches attendees how to identify and survey pollinators in the field.

International Pollinator Conference

July 2019

Hannah was a selected presenter for this conference, one of only a few graduate students to be so. This conference hosted scientists from across the country as well as from several different countries across the globe.

Native Bee Identification Workshop

May 2019

Hannah has co-created this daylong workshop with Assistant Professor Elsa Youngsteadt. At this workshop attendees learn about different bee biologies and lifestyles, how to use and identify bees with a microscope, as well as access to extensive bee collections and expert knowledge. To date, this workshop has been held 2 times reaching 36 people.

North Carolina State University's Graduate Research Symposium

March 2019

Hannah was a nominated presenter for this symposium where graduate students from across the entire university presented.

Entomological Society of America's Branch Meeting

March 2019

Hannah has been an invited speaker to two branch meetings: first to the Southeastern branch meeting in March 2018, and second to the Eastern branch meeting in March 2019.

Midnight Bee Supplies' Bee School

March 2019

Hannah was an invited speaker for one week out of an 8 week bee school. She presented on "Bees as Social Insects" and discussed bee diversity as well as the lifestyle diversity within bees.

National Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium Conference

September 2018

Hannah was an invited speaker to the first ever Nation Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium that was created and hosted by NCSU's Department of Veterinary Medicine. Recently, regulation has been passed requiring beekeepers to acquire a prescription from a veterinarian in order to apply antibiotics to their hives. Veterinarians, until now, have not received training related to bees. This conference was thus critical.  

Ecological Society of America's Annual National Meeting

August 2018

Hannah received a travel grant in order to attend and present her work at the Eco.S.A. annual meeting. Her research, while directly related to entomology as she studies insects, is also deeply seated in the discipline of ecology. As such, attending this conference allowed her to broaden her network and continue to work inter-disciplinarily.

County Beekeeper Association's Meeting

January 2018

Hannah has presented on her research at many different county beekeepingmeetings across the state including: Wake County in January 2018, Orange County in January 2017, and Person County in October 2016.

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